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Ordering Instructions

Here's eight tips to help you get your flowers ordered and delivered smoothly.

  1. Have the recipient's full name, address, phone number ready when you call. This will help to minimize the chance of any problems occurring with the delivery. In general, the more delivery information you can give, the easier things will be!
  2. A pre-written card message always helps. The extra time you put into your message will be greatly appreciated by the recipient. Check out our Card Messages section for assistance if you need some ideas.
  3. With certain occasions such as funerals, there is an etiquette to go along. Know what is appropriate as a gift. Especially with funerals, the folks at Flowers By Brittany will be the greatest assistance to you. Also see Sympathy Q & A and Get Well Q & A for any additional help with certain occasions.
  4. Be sure to know what you are getting when you order flowers. If you want something specific, be sure to ask for it. Otherwise, ask about any possible substitutions. Even if it is going to be a florist designed bouquet, ask the florist what would likely be included. This is the best way to ensure your satisfaction. Check our Types of Flowers section for pictures of the most common blooms.
  5. Along with knowing what you are receiving, know the price of the arrangement. If you need, ask the person taking your order to break down the price for you. Keep in mind things like labor, greens, types of flowers, and the season. Many things affect the price of an arrangement.
  6. Ask and re-ask about delivery dates and times. Doing this is just insurance that your gift will be delivered on time. Many times, you only get one chance!
  7. Have your payment method ready-to-go. Credit cards can be a hard to find when the pressure is on.
  8. Be sure to write down the name of the person who took your order and ask for some way to recognize your order (order number). Use this to check-in with Flowers By Brittany if you have any other questions!