Reasons To Send Flowers Through A Local Florist

With all the choices available to consumers when ordering flowers this holiday season, you may find yourself in a sea of confusion as to which services are best for your floral order. Our tip is to take another look at the old faithful of flowers; the local florists. Below you will find ten reasons to order directly though a local florist instead of a wire service, online ordering service, and companies which sends flowers by mail.

  1. Delivery Schedules: The reason that many guarantee delivery times is because they never see the flowers and have no idea when the flowers will be delivered. However, your local florist knows when deliveries will be made, thus eliminating needless frustration!

  2. Know The Flower Selection: Unlike online "order gatherers," local florists know exactly what flowers they have in their shop. Instead of guessing what flowers are available and sending your order out blindly to be filled like many online companies do, the local florist will be able to tell you about their selection. Ask the florists for their opinion on the best flowers in stock; no doubt they will have an answer for you.

  3. Help With Card Messages: Often times, it's really hard to come up with the write words to send along with your gift. Your local florist deals with this problem every day and can be the best resource in helping you find the right words to accompany your special gift!

  4. Save Money: For those who watch their pennies, nickels, and dimes, your local florist can save you money! With big online companies charging $9.95-18.99 (See FTD Gift Basket for $18.99 Charge) for "service & handling fees" on floral gifts, the savings of ordering through a local florist can add up quick.

  5. Great Service: No one can offer floral services like your local florist. The personal attention and direct friendly service just can't be matched! Have questions or concerns? Ask the experts.

  6. Custom Arrangements: Along with the great service mentioned above, your local florist has the ability to change arrangements to adapt to your creative side. Unlike many online organizations which discourage custom arrangements because all they have are "cookie cutter" bouquets, a local florist thrives in making your gift as special as it can be!

  7. Hand Delivery: Part of the excitement to receiving flowers is the hand delivery! Don't be fooled into having your gift sent by mail. Flowers left in cardboard boxes can easily die. It's always a tragedy when a recipient has to unpack then re-assemble their dying arrangement from a box delivered by a mail courier. Let the beauty of your gift show from the beginning and last to the end, have them hand delivered!

  8. No Middlemen: We are sorry to say it, but most of the online flower companies are just middlemen who will never see the flowers delivered. Their sole existence is just to take your order, send it to a local florist, then charge you extra money and forget about it. Skip the extra step by contacting a florist directly and save your money for what counts--your gift.

  9. Support The Community: Many florist shops have been around for decades, often family run through many generations. They stay in business for one reason; they do the best job. Although it can be tempting to order through a big online corporation, remember that they have no ties to your town, your family, but solely to your hard earned money. Help FloristDEX support the hard working local florists around the country!

  10. Limit Risk: Funerals, along with other occasions, are too important to miss having your flowers delivered correctly. Often times, there is only one chance to get the job done right, and your loved ones are too special to receive anything but the best.