Orange Alstroemeria in a green house Pink Alstroemeria on a white background

Used by florists primarily as a filler flower, Alstroemeria can be found and naturally spreads in the wild. A perennial flower that usually holds an orange color, hybrids of Alstroemeria can be found in yellow, white, pink, and red colors.

Alstroemeria, with its small stature yet beautiful detail is often called or known as a Peruvian Lily. It's likely if you ask a florist for this flower by either name they will know what you are looking for.

As a colorful filler flower, Alstroemeria can be used with an assortment of other blooms. Commonly used flowers in arrangements with Alstroemeria include Roses, Lilies, Gerbera Daisies, and Asters. Alone in an arrangement, Alstromeria may carry the meaning of friendship.

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