Anthurium, a genus of 600 to 800 species of flowers, is also known as the ?flamingo flower.? These hermaphrodite flowers bear fruit and can be grown in mild climates.

Anthurium blooms are very small and crowd on a fleshy stem called a spadix. The spadix can grow in many different shapes and colors, most commonly red. The leaves are large and simple. Anthurium grows to about 30 centimeters tall.

These flowers make excellent houseplants, as they do not require much sunlight and they prefer a milder climate. However, they do not tolerate frost or freezing conditions. Make sure that you keep you Anthurium well-watered, but be careful not to soak the bulb entirely. In a yard or garden, Anthurium does well against fences and trees, as many varieties tend to climb. Lovely in a flower arrangement, Anthurium has a vase life of up to six weeks, depending on the variety. The thick spathe is better in a wide and not tall bouquet.

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