Asiatic Lily

The Asiatic Lily has six long and narrow petals that spread around the stem with up to six pistils in the center. Asiatic lilies are bulbous plants that are very hardy and easy to grow. Although a popular color is orange, Asiatic lilies can be yellow, pink or cream. They bloom from June to early August in nearly any type of soil.

Growing best in full sunlight, this variety of lily grows up to four feet tall. When planting Asiatic lilies in a yard or garden, it?s good to plant the bulbs eight inches apart in groups of three to five for the most striking effect. As your plants grow, be careful to protect them from pesky animals like rabbits. Keep the plant moist but do not plant the bulb in soil that does not drain well.

Asiatic lilies are wonderful cut flowers. Because the blooms are three to six inches wide, they add bursts of color to any bouquet. They do not have a strong scent, so they are great to pair with more fragrant flowers.

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