Aster is a genus of 600 species of plants native to North America. Aster flowers are an inch and half wide and bloom from August to October. The plant itself grows two to four feet tall. Aster blooms are similar to daisies, but have bright colors like purple, lavender, pink or red. These are popular garden plants but, because of their size, work well in pots.

Asters can be annuals or perennials, depending on the variety. These are easy to grow, but require full sunlight. Asters should be planted at least 18 inches apart from one another because, as they grow, they form little bushy clumps. If you are working with annual asters, do not plant them in the same spot of the garden every year, but rotate them.

Smaller varieties of aster, which can be planted as close as six inches apart, can make a lovely border for a garden area. Larger varieties should go further back into the garden, to create a backdrop.

When arranging Asters into a vase or bouquet, the sturdy stalks should be cut low. A small, round container with a bundle of Aster is splendid, but Asters can also showcase a larger flower that would rise from behind the bouquet.

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