Bouvardia, a genus of about 30 evergreens and shrubs native to Central America, have single or double flowers shaped like stars growing out of a thin neck. The pointed green leaves grow three to eleven centimeters long and the flower stands to 15 centimeters tall. Bouvardia can be white, yellow, pink or red.

Since Bouvardia is native to a tropical zone, they make better greenhouse plants in milder climates. If you choose to plant Bouvardia indoors, pot it in a five to six inch pot. The best time to pot Bouvardia is in March, because it blooms in fall and winter. Since these flowers grow in bushes as opposed to singular plants, they don?t work well in bouquets. But they are fabulous in a garden plot or bordering a section of the yard, if the climate is willing.

As houseplants, Bouvardia needs a lot of sunlight, but not full sun. These plants grow best in a 65 to 75 degree F home or hothouse.

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