Cushion Chrysanthemum

Chrysanthemums are very popular flowers with hundreds of different types. Cushion Chrysanthemums are unique because the blossom is thick and shaped like a cushion. These mums are low and bushy and flower early in the season. The cushion mums are single-headed. These flowers are hardy and easy to grow in a home garden.

Chrysanthemums should be planted in full sun. They need air circulation and good drainage. Chrysanthemums do not like to get wet, so they need morning sun to dry the dew off of their petals. The blossom is triggered by patterns of light, so don?t plant them near nighttime light, like streetlamps. Once they?ve been established, they grow easily and quickly.

Chrysanthemums in general are found very commonly in floral arrangements, but cushion mums work very well in particular because of their hardy, easy to grow attitude. The soft thick flowers add diversity to any floral arrangement of looser flowers.

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