Cymbidium Orchid

The Orchid family is the largest family of flowering plants, with over 22,000 species. Cymbidium Orchids, also known as boat orchids, is a particular genus with about 52 species. Cymbidiums are popular Orchids because of the beauty of the flower for floral arrangements and corsages.

Cymbidium is an evergreen species with more foliage than other Orchids. Cymbidiums are never blue or black, but they can appear in a full range of other colors. Cymbidiums can be as tall as two feet and produce up to fifteen blooms in a haphazard row up the stem. The waxy flowers have about five petals and the plant grows long and narrow leaves. Cymbidium is special within the Orchid family for another reason as well; they can survive very cold temperatures. They also bloom in winter months. Blooming in winter means Cymbidium can add an entirely new dimension to your garden plot. It?s important to choose a place where the colors will greatly impact your garden but its lack of summer color won?t wreck the effect.

Used popularly in floral arrangements, Cymbidium is both a delicate and hardy bloom that adds color to any bouquet. Due to its winter blooms these striking flowers can serve as fresh centerpieces by themselves for a dramatic effect.

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