Daisies, also known as asteraceae, are flowers that have white petals and yellow centers. The center is made up of many tiny florets and the petals surrounding it are significantly larger. It appears like each stem produces one flower, but because of the many florets, it is actually many flowers. The stems of a daisy generally grow no leaves.

As hardy perennials, daisies are grown very easily. They prefer partial sahhde but can endure full sun as well. Grown from seeds or seedlings, daisies should be planted nine to twelve inches apart and they need lots of water. One of the best parts about growing daisies is that insects are not attracted to them, so you never have to worry about pesky pesticides or anything like that.

Daisies are very popular in floral arrangements because of their lovely and simplistic beauty. Although they are not complicated like many flowers, their beauty is found in their simple, symmetrical blossoms.

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