Delphinium is a flower genus native to the Northern Hemisphere and often confused with Larkspur. The plants are very nearly identical. Growing up to six feet tall, most varieties of Delphinium only reach about six inches tall. With a busy appearance, Delphinium has a main stem that grows upwards covered in flowers in spikes. The leaves are lobed and stiff. The spiky florets can come in nearly any color as the species consist of 250 variations.

Delphiniums are planted from seeds or propagated by division or cutting. This hardy perennial grows well in any soil and should be planted in March. In a bed, Delphinums are striking when paired with other brilliant, contrasting or complimentary colors. Because they commonly grow as wild flowers, Delphinum does not require a lot of work to get fabulous blooms all spring. Plants should be spaced two feet apart.

Delphiniums work better as potted plants than arranged plants.

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