Dendrobium Orchid

Orchids are a very large family of flowers to begin with, containing over 22,000 species. Dendrobium is one of the largest geneses with 1,200 species. Because the genus is so diverse, Dendrobium differs quite a bit in looks from plant to plant. Generally, however, the stems are branch like off of the root base and the curved, thick leaves grow up the stem. The blossom is asymmetrical and the petals droop off of the bloom.

Most species of Dendrobium are deciduous, but many are evergreen as well. Dendroium flowers throughout summer and grows from seed. Dedrobium is a flower that prefers a very warm climate. They like strong, natural sun and high humidity. It may be easier to grow Dendrobium in a greenhouse where you can replicate such a tropical climate. Once the conditions are right, however, Dendrobium blooms all year long. Just make sure that these beauties get plenty of water.

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