Freesia is as well known a scent as it is a flower, due to its very fragrant blooms. Native to Southern Africa, Freesia consists of about 16 species. These lovely flowers are typically white or yellow and grow along one side of a branched stem in funnel-shaped blooms. Up to eight blooms may grow on one stem. The leaves are long and slender and may grow 12 inches off the ground.

Like many flowers, Freesia is now available in a wide range of colors, not simply the traditional ones. However, Freesia is traditionally purple or lavender.

Freesias grow best in mild climates where the night temperature drop to 45 to 40 degrees F. This bulbous plant should be planted closely together and needs full sunlight. Freesia blooms from July to October.

Freesia does not survive well in the frost, so it should be moved inside or stored in a greenhouse during winter months. During the summer, Freesia doesn?t need much water, but an inch a week while the plant is actively growing is recommended.

In an arrangement, Freesia should not be paired with other fragrant flowers. The scent of this plant is enough on its own. Freesia does well in a container that allows the stems to sit naturally as it does on the plant, not a stiff vase that forces it upright.

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