Heather, or Calluna valgaris, is often grown as a wildflower and blooms in late summer. In shades of pink and purple, Heather blooms in spikes of bell-shaped flowers. It is grown as an evergreen shrub and the hearty branches have been used to make a number of household goods, including brooms. Although pink and purple is the most common, heather is also found in white, creams and reds.

In a yard or garden plot, Heather can over-compete with other, low-growing vegetations so be sure to keep Heather away from other cultivated plants. Heather is a lovely addition to a rock garden, however. Heather should be planted in full sun and well-drained acidic soil. Plant them year round unless the ground is grozen. Heather does not like to have wet feet, so be careful not to overwater them. For truly vibrant blooms, a good fertilizer can help. If you?d rather not begin a rock garden around your heather, consider using it for borders. Heather is wonderful in a flower arrangement, especially in winter months.

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