Hyacinth, or Hyacinthus orientalis, is a fragrant flower popular in red, blue, white, orange, pink, and violet or yellow. These stiff, upright plants have long narrow leaves that are folded lengthwise and grow straight up. The bloom is actually several flowers with five to six petals growing up the stalk.

Hyacinths should be planted in clumps in a garden. They grow up to a foot tall from a bulb planted five to six inches deep, five inches apart. Hyacinths are spring-flowering and prefer any level of sunlight. Staking the stems is a good idea because the stalk and leaves do not bend: they break. Hyacinths do not do well as cut flowers but they work very well as a potted houseplant. They can also be forced in winter, which is a process where the flower is ?forced? to bloom outside of its normal blooming time. Hyacinths are a wonderful candidate for forcing because there?s nothing lovelier than flowers blooming indoors in the middle of a hard winter.

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