Hydrangea, also known as Hortensia, is a lovely and popular plant native to Eastern Asia. Growing in shrubs up to five feet tall, most Hydrangea bushes only stand two feet tall. Hydrangeas come in colors of white, blue, red, pink or purple; this has more to do with the pH of the soil than it has to do with variation.

The flowers of the hydrangea grow in spherical clumps on the bush, with many small florets opening to form the visual illusion of a single boom, like a cheerleading pom-pom. Hydrangeas bloom from early spring to late summer.

When choosing a place in the yard or garden for your Hydrangea, choose a place with full to partial sun. Morning sun is more effective than afternoon sun. A protected area is preferable, because high winds can damage your plants. Hydrangeas should be planted in early fall. Hydrangeas make lovely cut flowers and are very popular in floral arrangements. They also dry nicely.

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