Larkspur, or Delphinium consolida, is a family member to the buttercup. The irregular shaped blooms grow in tight florets off the plant?s stalk. Although the larkspur can grow nearly eight feet tall, they grow upward in spikes. They can be found in pink, red, purple or white.

Larkspur grows great against an upright structure like a fence or near a tree. They make a lovely backdrop for smaller, more delicate flowers in a complimentary color. They should be planted in rows like vegetables. Larkspur is identical to perennial Delphiniums, but the Larkspur has toxics in it that can kill grazing animals.

Although Larkspur makes lovely and hardy cut flowers because of their delicate spikes, they do not have a great vase life. Because they are so colorful and the spikes are so tightly packed with blooms or foliage, they are lovely in an arrangement with more organic growing patterns, despite the short vase life.

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