Oncidium Orchid

The Orchid family is one of the largest families of flowering plants in existence and the genus Oncidium contains about 330 species. It is a particularly interesting genus because the species vary so much that it could be split into multiple genera in the future. Oncidium generally occurs in hot, dry areas, making it common in Southern states and Central America.

One way to tell an Oncidium Orchid from other Orchids is a complicated callus on the lip of the flower. The petals are ruffled on the edges and the blooms are generally yellow, red, white or pink. Oncidium plants can reach ten feet tall in some areas.

Oncidium likes a lot of direct sunlight, preferably in the morning. They love water, but rot easily, so well-draining soil is a must for the daily watering that this little plant needs. Well-grown plants can have several sprays of blossoms, so take care of your Oncidium and you will be greatful.

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