Oriental Lily

The Oriental Lily is another popular variation of the lily. Oriental lilies are very hardy, easy to grow lilies that grow around three to four feet tall. When choosing a space in a garden plot, Oriental lilies should be planted in full sun areas in fully-drained soil. The bulbs are covered in thick scales and should be planted six inches deep and six to twelve inches apart in groups of three or four.

Unlike the popular Asiatic lily, the Oriental lily is very fragrant. It is commonly called the Stargazer lily. Dark reds, pinks, yellows and whites are some popular colors of the Oriental lily, but the petals have a good degree of color variation on them. The color is the riches in the center of the petal and gets lighter, in some cases nearly white, on the edges. The petals also appear freckled with a darker pigment.

Oriental lilies are wonderful in a vase or floral arrangement and their fragrance can scent an entire room easily. These lilies are very popular in floral arrangements because the blooms are so hearty they are not easily crushed by other types of flowers.

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