Phalaenopsis Orchid

The Phalaenopsis genus of Orchid represents approximately 60 species of Orchids, out of about 22,000 species in total. Commonly called Moth Orchids, Phalaenopsis resemble moths in flight because of their large, wing like petals that engulf the bloom. Healthy blossoms can have up to ten leaves, but most varieties retain four or five. The leaves are thick and green. Phalaenopsis blooms for several weeks in summer.

Phalaenopsis Orchids prefer moist and humid areas of the world. They do not like direct sunlight generally, but many species have adapted to cooler and dryer environments. Plant Phalaenopsis in a shady spot of your garden and let it dry out just a bit before watering sessions.

Phalaenopsis flowers are ideal for floral arrangement because the flowers can last a very long-time, assuming that they come from a healthy plant. Sometimes, if you?re plant is grown well, a second flower can bloom after the first is pruned away.

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