Ranunculus includes a wide variety of species, including buttercups and spearworts. The genus name Rununculaceae grows from bulbs planted two inches deep and six inches apart in early spring. Ranunculus prefers full sun in water that drains well. Ranunculus also does very well as a potted plant or in a greenhouse, but their ability to endure cool temperatures makes them an easy flower to grow outside.

Ranunculus has smaller, more delicate flowers. Yellow is a very common color for many species of Ranunculus. The flowers bloom out of bushy green foliage with several little leaves to each stem. It?s never a bad idea to cut Ranunculus for a bouquet. The plant regenerates flowers when old ones are cut so your flowerbeds will still look fresh for the blooming season. The stems are very straight, making them easy to arrange and they have a long vase-life. Cut the flowers when they are fully colored and about to open.

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