Standard Chrysanthemum

Standard chrysanthemums are very popular flowers in a yard or garden. There are approximately 30 species in the genus and literally hundreds of varieties. Chrysanthemums grow from 50 to 150 centimeters tall and have large, multi-petaled flower heads on top of a branch-like stem, one head per stem. While the flowers come in almost every range of color, popular choices are white, yellow, pink, purple and red.

Depending on when you?d like the flowers to bloom, Chrysanthemums can be planted in the fall or early spring. They like full sun early in the morning to dry the dew off of their petals. They don?t like too much water because they are susceptible to mildew. Another interesting fact is that their blooming cycle is directly related to the amount of light they get, so it?s important to let them have darkness at night. In other words, don?t plant them near streetlights or other artificial sources of light.

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