Statice flowers, commonly called sea lavender, are small annuals that grow close to the ground, about a foot tall. Generally blooming in white, lavenders and pinks, statice bloom in spring and summer in clusters of tiny, funnel shaped flowers.

These blooms are easy to grow indoors and out in a full-sun, well-drained area. Statice makes for a wonderful houseplant because it is so small and tidy, but is tolerant to warm and cool climates. When planting Statice in a garden plot, these low-maintenance blooms do well as a ground covering, showcasing more elaborate or larger plants. Statice does not like too much water after the plant has established itself, so it is wise to let the soil dry out between watering session.

Statice does not do well in a bouquet for several reasons: the delicate blooms can be easily ruined by heartier flowers, the stems are small and branch-like in a way that makes it hard to cut and they dislike copious amounts of water, so vase life is short. But if you?d like to gift Statice, a small pot or barrel makes a wonderful, easy to maintain gift that will last much longer than a bouquet. Florist do, however, use Statice frequently in floral arrangements because the flower dries exquisitely, retaining its color and beauty.

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