Sweet Pea

Sweet Pea, Lathyrus odoratus, is a climbing plant that can reach a height of ten feet with something suitable to climb on. Along the vine, Sweet Pea has a cluster of blooms that resemble butterflies perched on something due to the slope of the petals and the delicate texture. These beauties can be nearly any color imaginable. This particularly fragrant blossom is often replicated for perfumes, candles and such.

Sweet Peas like rich, moist soil and require a lot of water to stay vibrant. They grow from seeds planted in mid March, two inches deep and three inches apart. When choosing the part of the garden to plant these beauties in, take consideration that they will climb. For a purposeful look, try placing something next to the plant that you intend for it to climb on. Or, just plant near a fence or shed for a more organic effect.

Sweet Peas make excellent cut flowers for a floral arrangement, but the effect of the flower may be better captured in a basket or a spill over planting, either inside, hanging, or near a deck or garage.

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